Welcome to PaceSetter Athletic

This is the place for runners and walkers on the Sunshine Coast to feel at home. Come to our cozy shop (easy to find in the Holy Crap Cereal plaza) and you’ll be surprised at the choices we fit in our modest space. You’ll find high quality running shoes for roads and trails; plus shoes for walking, hiking, gym, and court sports, and kids’ shoes — without having to take a ferry! We also offer a hand-picked selection of beautiful, highly functional technical apparel and accessories to fit all shapes and sizes. All at prices the same or lower than in the big city. There’s always something on sale (usually, quite a lot)!

Our goal is to help you find footwear that makes you want to get out every day and do the activities that make you happy. Introducing new folks to the joy of running is fun, too! While our primary focus is endurance activities, we also take many referrals from local doctors and foot care specialists for non-athletic patients who simply want to get through the day pain-free.

We also host a year-round running club, several Learn to Run and Run Faster clinics each year, and a number of races. Check out our bulletin board to find out what else is happening locally. Stop by for a drink of water during your run or walk, or just to chat.

See you soon!