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Halfmoon Bay 5k Time Trial

Saturday December 5 – Sunday December 13, 2020

Halfmoon Bay roads
all day

Challenge yourself! This is not a “virtual race” but a time trial, on a specific course. You only need a simple chrono watch – the course is accurate. Entry is FREE!

Run the 5k one or more times between December 5th and 13th, then submit your best time, to be entered into a random draw for a pair of Brooks Ghost running shoes!

Here is an interactive course map and written directions. We will try to keep the non permanent markings on the road for the entire time but if there is heavy rain you may have to bring the map with you for directions. Speedsters may want to do a pre-run warm up as this course has a few corners that could easily have you turned around.

After completing the course, submit your time to info@pacesetterathletic.ca. We will only use times emailed to that address, for the draw.

Both the shoe winner and results will be posted on this site.

Course Description

Course begins and ends at the west end of Northwood, 60m past the main exit of Connor Park in Halfmoon Bay. The Start and Finish are marked with two 1 foot white paint lines.
  • Run up Northwood and stay right to turn right on Westwood.
  • Stay right on Westwood to turn right on Frances
  • Run to bottom of Frances, turn left and stay left on Redrooffs
  • Run straight past Southwood and continue on bike path or road (minding cars)
  • Stay on Redrooffs until address number 7954 to access nature trail. This road looks like a driveway but it is also a trail head if you veer right
  • Continue straight on trail past end of Lohn (trail continues) until you reach Cooper Road, turn right
  • Run along Cooper to Fawn Road, turn left and stay left around blind corner
  • Turn right on Eastwood just past blind corner
  • Turn left on Alderwood. Stay on Alderwood (90 degree left turn included)
  • Turn right onto Southwood, stay right.
  • Turn right on Dogwood, there’s a 90 degree left turn on Dogwood.
  • Turn right on Westwood
  • Turn Left on Northwood and kick for finish line.

NOTE: The course is measured using the IAAF certification standards. We don’t expect to see the official certificate for a while but you can trust the distance to be exactly 5k.