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West Sechelt 8k/5k Time Trial

Saturday February 20 – Sunday February 28, 2021

Kinnikinnick Park, West Sechelt roads and trails
all day

This is the third event in our Time Trial series. The rules are the same as the first one. Just run this accurately measured course during the specified date range and submit your time to larry@pacesetterathletic.ca for posting on this website, and you will be automatically entered in a draw for a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes!

This event is free and open to everyone. Run the course alone or with your training buddies from February 20th to 28th. Choose from 8k or 5k, or do both (preferably with rest days in between)! You can run it again as many times as you want during the specified dates to improve on your time.

Route Map: 8kRoute Map: 5k

8k Course Description

Start at the baseball diamond bleachers, in the parking lot at Kinnikinnick
Head west (uphill), enter trail at the end of parking lot
Stay on trail until you reach a major 3-way junction, turn right
Head straight on trail and Crowston Rd, then left onto Heritage Road
Heritage uphill to Mason Road, turn left
Mason to Norwest Bay Road, turn left
Norwest Bay to Emerson, turn left
Veer right onto Tyler
Left on Tower Road
Left on Nickerson, up to the end (gravel)
First left on gravel at top of Nickerson (Hydro lines overhead)
Turn right at the bottom and get onto trail, go straight for 1k
Turn right at 3-way trail junction
Exit trail at the parking lot and finish where you started.

5k Course Description

Start line is at the white metal barricade 15m into the golf club trail (from end of parking lot)
Stay on trail until you reach a major junction, then turn right
Head straight on trail and Crowson Rd, then left onto Heritage Road
Left on Mason
Look for trail head on left, opposite Botanical Garden parking lot
Stay on main trail until first major trail intersection; stay left
Stay on dirt trail until gravel trail, turn left
Stay on trail until major 3 way junction, turn right and head downhill to finish barricade.

Have fun!