Results from events hosted by PaceSetter. Note this is not an exhaustive list — these are just the ones we’ve posted about in our blog. You can find more results on the PaceSetter Athletic Run Club site.

Results from 10.1K at The 101 2019 – Brewery Run Series

10.1k at The 101

Thirty people came out to run in the rain at the second event of the 2019 Brewery Run Series. Temperature was great for racing, though, and everyone dried off quickly at the post-race celebrations at The 101.lead pack - 10.1k at The 101

A lead pack of 5 men stayed together until the bottom of the Mahan Trail. Hannes Weber of Sechelt broke away and led to the finish in 44:13. On the women’s side, Liz Cullen of Gibsons took an early lead and gradually extended it for a 48:30 first place clocking.

Trudy Baba finished only 2 seconds over 1:01, winning an extra beer ticket for being the closest to 1:01!

This year’s course was slightly different from 2018 with an easier, flatter final kilometre.

Big thanks to all our wonderful volunteers: Deanna Shuttleworth, Conchita Harding, Greg Carter, Randi Johnsen, Mike Meggiato, Alison Rhodes, Nadine Slingerland, Alex Nightingale, Maria Nightingale, Michelle von Schleinitz, Susan Blair and Randy Eistetter!

10.1k at The 101Overall winners each received a growler from Persephone; top 3 in each age group received medals; and a number of draw prizes from PaceSetter, Chef Barry, and The 101 were given away to runners and volunteers. Each participants and volunteer also received a ticket for 1 free beer.

Join us for race #3 on Sunday July 21st, 10am – Tapworks 5k. Register online for best rate!

Pl    Time   Bib  First Name Last Name   Cat.   Cat.Pl. City
 1    44:13  569  Hannes     Weber       M2039     1    Sechelt
 2    45:39  570  Zdenek     Zukal       M2039     2    Gibsons
 3    46:28  575  Graham     Perkins     M2039     3    N. Vancouver
 4    46:39  546  Ed         Aiken       M4049     1    Gibsons
 5    46:51  559  Jamie      Leveque     M4049     2    Sechelt
 6    47:51  551  Darren     Causon      M4049     3    Sechelt
 7    48:30  571  Liz        Cullen      F2039     1    Gibsons
 8    50:12  572  Laura      Dollison    F2039     2    N. Vancouver
 9    50:38  564  Harvey     Sexsmith    M50+      1    Gibsons
10    51:15  561  Tamas      Mihalyi     M50+      2    Gibsons
11    51:53  574  Stephen    Rhodes      M50+      3    Gibsons
12    52:03  555  Tom        Grant       M4049     4    Sechelt
13    52:31  562  Gareth     Moses       M50+      4    Gibsons
14    54:03  557  Thomas     Hierck      M50+      5    Gibsons
15    55:18  554  Carmen     Goojha      F2039     3    Sechelt
16    55:18  549  Benjamin   Bauer       M2039     4    Sechelt
17    55:36  563  Katie      Oliver      F2039     4    Gibsons
18    56:34  425  Donna      Findlay     F4049     1    Sechelt
19    58:22  556  Krisztina  Harasztosi  F4049     2    Gibsons
20    59:02  576  Scot       Witala      M2039     5    Pt. Coquitlam
21  1:00:29  547  Tracy      Aiken       F4049     3    Gibsons
22  1:01:02  420  Trudy      Baba        F50+      1    Gibsons
23  1:01:22  566  Brenda     Simpson     F50+      2    Gibsons
24  1:03:30  567  Todd       Simpson     M50+      6    Gibsons
25  1:04:29  573  Wendy      Morris      F50+      3    Gibsons
26  1:05:53  428  Todd       Loitz       M50+      7    Gibsons
27  1:06:41  552  Gregory    Dick        M50+      8    Gibsons
28  1:07:22  558  Andrea     Kevan       F2039     5    Gatineau
29  1:11:12  565  Janet      Shimizu     F50+      4    Gibsons

Approx 5k:
      53:08       Mary       Kenny       F50+           Sechelt

Results from Persephone Father’s Day 5k 2019 – Brewery Run Series

Participants at Persephone Father's Day 5k 2019

Beautiful sunny morning for the start of the 2019 Brewery Run Series! Great running by all!

Start and finish photos coming soon. See our Facebook page for some great shots mid-race (in the Soames trails) by Randi Johnsen.

Big thanks to all our volunteers including Randi Johnsen, Mike Meggiato and Lori Leveque – with special thanks to Shaunna-Rae Williams and Krystal Williams who stepped in when we found out a few days ago we needed certified flaggers on course due to new MOTI rules!

Overall winners Jamie Leveque and Michelle Von SchleinitzOverall winners Jamie Leveque and Michelle Von Schleinitz each received a growler from Persephone; top 3 in each age group received medals; and a number of draw prizes from PaceSetter + 2 more growlers were given away to runners and volunteers. Each participants and volunteer also received a ticket for 1 free beer. On-site farmer’s market and live music added to the festive post-run atmosphere.

Join us for race #2 on Sunday July 7th, 10am – 10.1K at The 101 Brewhouse & Distillery. Register online for best rate!

 1   439  21:58  Jamie      Leveque          M40    1    Sechelt
 2   443  21:59  Jordan     Wilson           M20    1    Sechelt
 3   418  22:26  Ed         Aiken            M40    2    Gibsons
 4   429  24:05  Tamas      Mihalyi          M50    1    Gibsons
 5   441  24:52  Jaye       Thomas           M40    3    Gibsons
 6   438  25:09  Mathew     Wilson           M40    4    Gibsons
 7   440  25:48  Michelle   Von Schleinitz   F40    1    Gibsons
 8   425  26:53  Donna      Findlay          F40    2    Sechelt
 9   433  27:45  Roberta    Sim              F40    3    Gibsons
10   442  28:19  Jen        Harrison         F40    4    Gibsons
11   428  28:27  Todd       Loitz            M50    2    Gibsons
12   434  28:32  Nadine     Slingerland      F50    1    Roberts Creek
13   419  28:40  Tracy      Aiken            F40    5    Gibsons
14   422  29:06  Sandra     Buchanan         F50    2    Halfmoon Bay
15   420  29:27  Trudy      Baba             F50    3    Gibsons
16   426  30:07  Krisztina  Harasztosi       F40    6    Gibsons
17   421  31:02  Elizabeth  Boghean          F50    4    Gibsons
18   436  31:58  Jennifer   Stapleton        F20    1    Sechelt
19   424  32:57  Gregory    Dick             M50    3    Gibsons
20   432  36:18  Joanne     Parry            F50    5    Sechelt
21   437  36:47  Diana      Vanwoerkom       F50    6    Sechelt
22   431  36:48  Freya      Olson            F20    2    Vancouver
23   430  36:49  Dennis     Olson            M50    4    Sechelt
24   423  42:56  Todd       Buchanan         M50    5    Halfmoon Bay

Results from 5-Dollar 5K Series 2019 Race #4

Start of 5-Dollar 5K Series race #4

The spring 2019 edition of the PaceSetter 5-Dollar 5K Series concluded on Sunday March 10 under sunny skies and the mildest temperature so far. It was actually pleasant standing around at the finish line, even for participants who raced in shorts. Could spring be finally here?

Roberts Creek’s Keaton McIlwraith took first place for the 3rd week in a row. The temptation of a mega-sized chocolate bar, offered by volunteer and club-mate Alison Rhodes as a reward for beating last week’s personal best time, didn’t quite do the trick – but McIlwraith’s time of 20:07 was not far off and Rhodes relinquished the chocolate prize nonetheless.

Second place was again claimed by Sechelt’s Jamie Leveque, who managed to carve off another 11 seconds from his 5K personal best, even without the lure of candy.

Third overall and first female Kallalei Ryden of Gibsons slashed 23 seconds from her previous best time. She recorded 21:00 thanks to some pacing help from 1500m specialist and former Chatelech Eagle Jordan Wilson, who was visiting home for the weekend.

Sacha Stipec of Gibsons also put down her best time of the series (21:40) to again claim second female honours, three seconds better than last week’s result.

Third woman across the line was first-time racer Sara Skeath of Sechelt, who was thrilled to complete the 5K well under the 30 minute mark, with the clock reading 29:21.

The organizers would like to thank our dedicated volunteers Alison Rhodes, Nadine Slingerland, Ann Law, and Cole Buryniuk.

Next local race is the BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool’s Run presented by Eastlink, on Sunday April 7. And the second annual Sunshine Coast Brewery Run Series will be returning in June and July. Keep training and we’ll see you at the races!

Results from Race #4:

Place  Time   Bib  Name              M/F  City
   1   20:07  410  Keaton McIlwraith  M   Roberts Creek
   2   20:39  392  Jamie Leveque      M   Sechelt
   3   21:00  409  Kallalei Ryden     F   Gibsons
   4   21:02  401  Jordan Wilson      M   Sechelt
   5   21:40  415  Sacha Stipec       F   Gibsons
   6   23:51  407  Stephen Rhodes     M   Gibsons
   7   29:21  393  Sara Skeath        F   Sechelt
   8   29:57  448  Litze Boghean      F   Gibsons
   9   43:39  394  Mary Kenny         F   Sechelt

Photos: (more on our Facebook page)

Results from the series:

                                       Race #1     Race #2     Race #3     Race #4
Name                   M/F  City       Pl  Time    Pl  Time    Pl  Time    Pl  Time   
Keaton McIlwraith       M   R. Creek                1  20:01    1  19:43    1  20:07  
Jamie Leveque           M   Sechelt     1  20:54    2  21:10    2  20:50    2  20:39  
Kallalei Ryden          F   Gibsons     3  22:14    3  21:23    3  21:40    3  21:00  
Sacha Stipec            F   Gibsons     2  22:06    4  22:10    4  21:43    5  21:40  
Stephen Rhodes          M   Gibsons                 5  23:15    6  23:10    6  23:51  
Scott Minch             M   Garden Bay  4  23:37    6  23:24    8  24:33         
Litze Boghean           F   Gibsons    10  29:34   10  28:27                8  29:57  
Daren Spithoff          M   R Creek     5  25:21    7  26:55
Trudy Baba              F   Gibsons     8  28:47    9  28:01
John Law                M   R Creek     9  29:07   11  28:53
Meaghan Spithoff        F   R Creek    14  30:57    8  27:18
Amy Perry               F   Sechelt    11  30:08   16  31:09
Mary Kenny              F   Sechelt                            13  47:31    9  43:39  
Michelle Von Schleinitz F   Gibsons     6  27:57
Nadine Slingerland      F   R Creek     7  27:57
Carmen Goojha           F   Sechelt    12  30:49
Ben Bauer               M   Sechelt    13  30:50
Anne Nikodem            F   HMB        15  35:25
Michelle Kwasney        F   Sechelt    16  35:25
Kathleen Colquhoun      F   Gibsons    17  38:16
Charlotte Goldenberg    F   HMB                    12  29:40
Rachel Redding          F   Gibsons                13  30:08
Nicole Griggs           F   Gibsons                14  30:12
Myra Perry              F   Sechelt                15  31:09
Sierra Ryden            M   Gibsons                             5  21:45
Darren Causon           M   Sechelt                             7  24:01
Krisztina Harasztosi    F   Gibsons                             9  25:58
Donna Findlay           F   Sechelt                            10  26:16
Georgina Brandon        F   Gibsons                            11  26:51
Paige Davies            F   Gibsons                            12  28:25
Jordan Wilson           M   Sechelt                                         4  21:02
Sara Skeath             F   Sechelt                                         7  29:21

Results from 5-Dollar 5K Series 2019 Race #3

Sprint for 3rd place

Race #3 of the 5-Dollar 5K Series was all about speed as a number of participants improved their times over the previous couple of weeks. The persistent snow and ice on the trails finally receded enough to allow safe use of the official course, rather than an out and back road-only route. Temperatures were still around the freezing mark with a light wind adding to the chill, but sunshine and blue sky cheered the runners and volunteers.

The top finishers were a repeat of Race #2. Keaton McIlwraith of Roberts Creek significantly improved his 5k personal best with a 19:43 clocking for the win. In second place at 20:50, Jamie Leveque of Sechelt cut 20 seconds off last week’s result — despite a plan to “take it easy” after completing a long marathon training run the day before.

To defend her third place spot, Kallalei Ryden of Gibsons not only had to outkick regular series rival Sacha Stipec of Gibsons, but also her own younger brother Sierra Ryden. The three teens gave it their all as they sprinted to the finish line, crossing just seconds apart, with Stipec in fourth and the younger Ryden in fifth (third male overall).

Gibsons’ Krisztina Harasztosi overcame jetlag to take third female spot in 25:58, having just returned from a visit to her home country of Hungary.

The organizers would like to thank our super volunteers Alison Rhodes, Ann Law, Jamie Leveque, Susan Blair, Randy Eistetter, and Valerie Ryden.

The fourth and final event of the series is Sunday March 10th at PaceSetter, with a 10am start — but it’ll feel like a 9am start as Daylight Saving starts the night before. Join us for some fun running or walking, coffee, snacks and draw prizes!


Place   Time  Bib  First Name  Last Name   M/F City
    1  19:43  417  Keaton      McIlwraith   M  Roberts Creek
    2  20:50  392  Jamie       Leveque      M  Sechelt
    3  21:40  409  Kallalei    Ryden        F  Gibsons
    4  21:43  415  Sacha       Stipec       F  Gibsons
    5  21:45  467  Sierra      Ryden        M  Gibsons
    6  23:10  407  Stephen     Rhodes       M  Gibsons
    7  24:01  395  Darren      Causon       M  Sechelt
    8  24:33  397  Scott       Minch        M  Garden Bay
    9  25:58  405  Krisztina   Harasztosi   F  Gibsons
   10  26:16  393  Donna       Findlay      F  Sechelt
   11  26:51  401  Georgina    Brandon      F  Gibsons
   12  28:25  414  Paige       Davies       F  Gibsons
   13  47:31  416  Mary        Kenny        F  Sechelt

Photos (more on our Facebook page):

Results from 5-Dollar 5K Series 2019 Race #2

PaceSetter 5-Dollar 5K Series 2019 - race 2 start

Another sunny, frosty day greeted the participants of the second race of the spring 5K series at PaceSetter. Nearly the same number of runners took part as last week, while new winners claimed the overall spots.

Gibsons’ Keaton McIlwraith was first across the line, just missing a sub-20 clocking by a couple of seconds but setting a personal best nonetheless. Last Sunday’s winner Jamie Leveque of Sechelt was second this week in 21:10.

Top female finisher was Kallalei Ryden of Gibsons, slashing nearly a minute off last week’s clocking to cross the line in 21:23, good for a repeat third place overall. Elphi track teammate Sacha Stipec (Gibsons) ran pretty much the same time as last week (22:10), which had placed her ahead of Ryden in race #1 but second among females this week.

Rounding out the top 3 was Stephen Rhodes of Gibsons for the men (23:15), and Meaghan Spithoff of Roberts Creek for the women (27:18). Spithoff handed off the baby-jogger-pushing duties to husband Daren this week, allowing her to cut more than 3 and a half minutes from her time.

Organizers Teresa and Larry would like to thank volunteers Susan & Randy, Lori & Jamie, and Alison for coming out to help!

Race #3 is next Sunday March 3rd, same time, same place — 9am at PaceSetter.


Place  Time   Bib  First Name  Last Name    M/F	 City
    1  20:01  411  Keaton      McIlwraith    M   R Creek
    2  21:10  392  Jamie       Leveque       M   Sechelt
    3  21:23  409  Kallalei    Ryden         F   Gibsons
    4  22:10  414  Sacha       Stipec        F   Gibsons
    5  23:15  407  Stephen     Rhodes        M   Gibsons
    6  23:24  397  Scott       Minch         M   Garden Bay
    7  26:55  404  Daren       Spithoff*     M   R Creek
    8  27:18  403  Meaghan     Spithoff      F   R Creek
    9  28:01  401  Trudy       Baba          F   Gibsons
   10  28:27  448  Elizabeth   Boghean       F   Gibsons
   11  28:53  400  John        Law           M   R Creek
   12  29:40  410  Charlotte   Goldenberg    F   Halfmoon Bay
   13  30:08  412  Rachel      Redding       F   Gibsons
   14  30:12  413  Nicole      Griggs        F   Gibsons
   15  31:09  405  Myra        Perry         F   Sechelt
   16  31:09  395  Amy         Perry         F   Sechelt

*with jogging stroller

Photos (more on our Facebook page):

Results from 5-Dollar 5K Series 2019 Race #1

5 Dollar 5K race 1 - Spring 2019

The first event of the Spring 2019 5-Dollar 5K Series is in the books! It was a cold but sunny morning with a couple of icy spots on the otherwise snow-less course. Seventeen enthusiastic participants came out to test themselves over the out-and-back route.

Sechelt’s Jamie Leveque was first overall and first male, finishing in 20:54 despite having a week off training due to illness. Second and third overall and top 2 females were Elphi track team members Sacha Stipec and Kallalei Ryden of Gibsons, in 22:06 and 22:14, respectively.

Remaining races in the series are Sunday, February 24, March 3 and March 10. All start at 9am except for the final one which will start at 10am to offset the start of Daylight Saving Time.

Thanks to our awesome volunteers Susan & Randy, Jamie, Nadine, and Cliff!


Place  Time   Bib  First Name  Last Name      M/F  City
    1  20:54  392  Jamie       Leveque         M   Sechelt
    2  22:06  405  Sacha       Stipec          F   Gibsons
    3  22:14  406  Kallalei    Ryden           F   Gibsons
    4  23:37  397  Scott       Minch           M   Garden Bay
    5  25:21  404  Daren       Spithoff        M   Roberts Creek
    6  27:57  401  Michelle    Von Schleinitz  F   Gibsons
    7  27:57  402  Nadine      Slingerland     F   Roberts Creek
    8  28:47  396  Trudy       Baba            F   Gibsons
    9  29:07  400  John        Law             M   Roberts Creek
   10  29:34  448  Elizabeth   Boghean         F   Gibsons
   11  30:08  395  Amy         Perry           F   Sechelt
   12  30:49  407  Carmen      Goojha          F   Sechelt
   13  30:50  408  Ben         Bauer           M   Sechelt
   14  30:57  403  Meaghan     Spithoff*       F   Roberts Creek
   15  35:25  398  Anne        Nikodem         F   Halfmoon Bay
   16  35:25  399  Michelle    Kwasney         F   Sechelt
   17  38:16  393  Kathleen    Colquhoun       F   Gibsons

*with jogging stroller

Record Turnout for 7th Annual Holiday Hustle 5k/2k

Holiday Hustle 5k 2018

Over $2000 raised for Chat/Elphi Running Teams and Elves Club

December 9th, Sechelt: The weather outside was frightful — but the participation level at the seventh annual Holiday Hustle 5k/2k was delightful. By Saturday evening there were 135 registrants signed up online, a new record. Despite cold wind and rain on Sunday morning, an additional 21 people registered on site to bring the total to 156, an increase of more than 50% over the previous high of 99, set in 2014.

Online and in-person donations by participants totalled $562 for the Chatelech & Elphinstone Running Teams and $125 for the Elves Club. Net race revenue from entry fees was added to the donations, bringing the Running Teams total raised to $1829 and the Elves Club total to $250.

“The Running Team funds will help pay travel and uniform costs for the team, removing financial barriers to student athletes who want to compete,” said event co-organizer Larry Nightingale, who is the coach for both school teams. “That’s the reason we put on this event and others like it. Not only does it support the student athletes financially, it also provides a venue for kids and adults to discover a love of running, in a fun, no-stress setting.”

The 5k had 84 finishers, led by 3-time past winner and former Chatelech Racing Team member Jordan Wilson of Sechelt in a blazing fast 16:32. Teenager Keaton McIlwraith of Roberts Creek and Masters runner Jamie Leveque of Sechelt took second and third spots overall in 20:05 and 20:34 respectively. Both are PaceSetter Athletic Club members. Leveque was third last year as well, but ran nearly a minute faster this year.

On the women’s side, 16-year-old Kallalei Ryden of Gibsons, who races for Elphinstone and PaceSetter Athletic Club, easily captured first female position with a time of 21:04, placing her 5th overall. Second and third women to finish were Leah Painter of Sechelt in 25:11 and J Klassen of Sechelt in 25:21.

The fastest of 54 finishers in the 2k was 8-year-old Nolan Magnusson in 10:33, chased in by Dayton Tattrie (8) and Callum Storey (9) who were just 12 seconds behind. Right behind the boys was 10-year-old Isla Mackay of Madeira Park in 11:03.

After finishing, participants gathered inside the warm, dry Seaside Centre, festively decorated and filled with the smooth sounds of a jazz duo from Chatelech. Hot coffee, hot chocolate, mandarin oranges and home-baked Christmas treats supplied by sponsors and volunteers were enjoyed by all.

Thanks to many generous donations by local businesses, 38 prizes, valued from $5 to $110, were awarded to participants and volunteers in a random draw. This was the highlight of the morning for many, especially the younger participants, who eagerly crowded around the prize table in anticipation as the numbers were drawn.

More photos, full results and a list of sponsors are available at

What’s next: training clinics for the BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool’s Run will be starting up in mid-January — check the clinics page soon for details and registration.

PaceSetter crew runs strong at 2018 James Cunningham Seawall Race

James Cunningham Seawall Race 2018

A large group of PaceSetter club and clinic members attended the 48th annual James Cunningham Seawall Race, held Sunday October 28th, 2018. This fun, well-organized race goes around the seawall for 9.5km, and sees many participants in costumes due to its proximity to Halloween.

Our costumes were very simple, just some dollar store devils horns headbands that we could all wear comfortably. They made it very easy to spot each other in the crowds.

It rained overnight and intermittently during the morning before the 10am start time, but stopped for the race. Patches of clear sky started to appear, and the sun was shining by the time we were finished. Nice!

Jamie Leveque got off to a fast start, and it wasn’t until about 5k near Lumberman’s Arch that Teresa Nightingale was able to catch up, after following those red horns halfway around the seawall. They finished just 22 seconds apart, in the top 45 overall out of 402 finishers.

Teresa at the Seawall Race 2018Teresa was 7th overall female and first in the F50-54 category, while Jamie nabbed 5th spot out of 25 in the M45-49 division. A few minutes later Mathew Wilson was the 6th male in the 40-44 age group to cross the finish line.

The top-ten age group finishes kept going with Nadine Slingerland and Roberta Sim flying in just 11 seconds apart to take 8th and 9th spots in the F45-49 category.

Trudy wins the F65-69 category at the JCSRNext it was Kelly Jung and Trudy Baba separated by 10 seconds, with Kelly 6th in F55-59 and Trudy winning the F65-69 category by only 2 seconds!

Charlotte Goldenberg and Meghan Spithoff both ran strongly to finish well under an hour, in the top 50% of their respective divisions; while Tracy Forster was happily surprised with her finish time, battling a Halloween party hangover and minimal training of late.

Mary Kenny joined our group for the day after spotting us on the ferry. She was the final finisher in her age group but ahead of 20 people overall.

As a nice bonus, three of us also won draw prizes!

Our results:

  42:42 Teresa Nightingale   1st F5054 Halfmoon Bay
  43:04 Jamie Leveque        5th M4549 Sechelt
  47:39 Mathew Wilson        6th M4044 Gibsons
  51:13 Nadine Slingerland   8th F4549 Roberts Creek
  51:24 Roberta Sim          9th F4549 Gibsons
  53:31 Kelly Jung           6th F5559 Gibsons
  53:41 Trudy Baba           1st F6569 Gibsons
  56:15 Charlotte Goldenberg 16th F4549 Halfmoon Bay  
  58:48 Meaghan Spithoff     13th F3539 Roberts Creek
1:09:53 Tracy Forster        22nd F3539 Gibsons
1:27:04 Mary Kenny           20th F5559 Sechelt

Duff and Martin win 2018 HMB Fire Department 10k

HMB Fire Dept 10k 2018

Light rain didn’t stop 44 runners and walkers from completing the 7th annual Halfmoon Bay Fire Department 10k on September 30th. After making their way from Fire Hall 2 to Fire Hall 1, participants were rewarded with custom finisher medals, snacks, draw prizes, and – if they stayed around a bit longer – a burger BBQ made possible by generous sponsorship from Sunshine Coast Credit Union.

Fastest over the challenging hilly course was Nick Duff in 38:44, followed by Jamie Leveque (44:08) and Nolan McKenna (47:34). All three are from Sechelt.

On the women’s side, Michelle Smith took an early lead but couldn’t shake 2016 winner Yoshimi Martin, who took the lead in the second half to win by just 10 seconds in 50:13. Rounding out the top three was Katrina Walters in 52:41. All three are from Halfmoon Bay.

Duff and Martin were each rewarded with a $25 gift certificate from PaceSetter Athletic.

Three HMB volunteer firefighters took on and met the challenge of running the course in firefighter gear: organizer James Sas, Ben Borowski, and Bo Xaveriss.

Participants could make a donation to the HBVFD when registering, and a total of $350 was raised that way.

Net proceeds from entry fees will be donated to the Chatelech and Elphinstone running teams.

Full results are available here.

Photo gallery is on Facebook.

Thank you to all who participated in this fundraiser event, including the volunteers from the fire department and the community, and the event sponsors!

Last minute entries to Four Lakes 10k/3k double event size

Four Lakes 10k - photo by Jamie Leveque

We were expecting a modest turnout for the 11th annual Four Lakes 10k & 3k at Katherine Lake Park on Sunday August 12th. But a slew of race morning sign-ups, mostly 3k family entries from the on-site campground, nearly doubled the registration count.

By the time the race was about to start, 39 runners toed the line for the 10k while another 26 were ready for the 3k Family Fun Run & Walk.

The cool, cloudy morning allowed runners to really push the pace after weeks of subdued training in blasting heat. A sprinkle of overnight rain was just enough to keep the dust down and wash off the surrounding foliage.

Four Lakes overall winner Emilie Plante

Overall winner Emilie Plante

Fastest over the scenic 10k course was Vancouver’s Emilie Plante in the Open 20-39 category, leaving all the men and other women behind to cross the line in 42:58. Half a minute behind her was the first male, Rick Roberts from Earls Cove, in the 50-59 age division. Just 20 seconds later, Sechelt’s Jamie Leveque crossed the line in 43:50 to win the M40-49 age group and set a new personal best.

Second woman overall was Surrey’s Colleen Shulze, who picked up the pace in the second half to end up in 7th place overall and first in the F40-49 category. Halfmoon Bay’s Yoshimi Martin edged out Vancouver’s Leanne Karnehm by 5 seconds for third female honours, winning the F50-59 division in the process.

Of note, Shulze’s son Landon outran his mum by nearly 2 minutes to finish 6th overall in 47:09, an outstanding result for an 11-year-old!

The rest of the Schulze family (kids Sophia and Houston, followed by dad Kevin) continued their winning ways, being the fastest to complete the 3k Family Fun Run & Walk, a full five minutes ahead of everyone else. No awards are presented in the 3k so times and order of finish are just for bragging rights.

Full results and many photos can be found at

Next event hosted by PaceSetter Athletic is the start of the 2018 5 Dollar 5K Series, at 10am on Sunday August 19, part of the store’s 2-year anniversary weekend celebration. Race day sign up will start at 9am at PaceSetter.