Shoes, Clothing & Accessories


We have a wide variety of shoe models for Road & Trail Running, Walking/Hiking, Court Sports, Gym/Training, and Kids Running/Playing. Wide feet, narrow feet, average feet, high arches, low arches, bunions, orthotics, doctor’s prescriptions — we can help you find a shoe that fits and feels great!


Beautiful and functional hand-picked selection of technical clothing for all your athletic endeavours or just relaxing, for all our West Coast seasons. Yes, we have sports bras!


We carry many “extras” to enhance your endurance activities. You’ll find everything from socks to hats, sunglasses, headlamps & flashlights, energy bars/gels, hydration systems & bottles, arm warmers/coolers, gloves, insoles, elastic laces, massage tools and more. We even have our very own cartoon booklet by Graham Harrop!